Saturday, July 24, 2010

we caved

Heading out for a run here very shortly!  It's been storming this morning, which is fantastic, because it means that it might be a little cooler for my run.  Yesterday's weather was predicting 78 degrees at 5am, but right not we're holding at 73.  The humidity, of course, is insane-o high.  I'm starting to rejoice when it dips below 90%.

With a heat index of 100 yesterday Dave and I finally caved and turned on the air conditioning.  We had been trying to do our best with ceiling fans and windows, but it was thick in the house yesterday.  Our bedroom tends to be the hottest in the house (after the attic rooms), and I was sweating just sitting in the bedroom last night.  So the air is on.  It's set at a modest 80, which is still warm, but at least the humidity is out of the house and there's some relief!  We're trying to conserve energy as much as possible by keeping the house at a higher temp, or avoiding AC at all when we can!

After I get back from the run we are going mattress shopping!  Since moving in to our new house we have slept on an air mattress (thanks, Jenny and Mark!), a pile of quilts, and the guest bed mattress.  We're still on the guest bed mattress, but it's time to get our own!

Oh, this is totally unrelated, but check out this picture from girls' weekend in early July.
My mom, niece Lizzie, sister Kelly, me, and my sister-in-law Corrine.  Love this picture.  Just wish my sister Jill and my niece Clare could be in it, too!

What do you keep your thermostat at?

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  1. haha...i am just like you and had been putting off using the ac for weeks but it's been in the 90s and getting more humid but can be super dry and i couldn't take it anymore...actually it was heartbreaking to watch my cat pant after playing w/ her for only like, 2 minutes! poor honey!

  2. Well apparently our bills are much higher than yours! We keep ours at 74 in the night. Then I turn it up to 76 during the day (after I get ready for work). We have had it on since May pretty consistently.

  3. i'm the worst to ask about the thermostat...i was pregnant at the beginning of the summer and now am breastfeeding and cuddling a very sweet and warm 10 lb baby girl!
    generally its 74/75 during the day at 72 at night...


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