Wednesday, July 7, 2010

wishin' and hopin'

Here's two things I'm currently eyeing possessively:

1.  I'm head over heels in love with this poster.  I first saw it on the Young House Love blog (Also: awesome blog.  Super helpful.  Check it out!).
I'm working on convincing Dave that we need this.  It also comes in gray.  I would love either color.

2.  That same blog also showed a super cute homemade calendar.  I want to make this!  I even know the perfect spot to hang it in the kitchen.

Wall art is generally the hardest thing for me to conceptualize for a space.  I like art, but I can't ever figure out what would look good and where.  I gravitate more toward pictures, simply because it's often the easiest.  We do have some artistic shots that Dave has taken that I want to get framed for around the house, but it was fun to find a piece that I actually loved and wanted to hang.  This is rare for me!

And the afternoon drags slowly by... at least I have more coffee!


  1. I love that blog! It's one of my faves. Glad you enjoy it too!


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