Saturday, July 17, 2010

yasso redo

I decided to redo the yassos today so I could get all 4 in.  My laps were 3:47, 3:51, 3:51, and 3:53.  I'm still trying to determine if speedwork/trackwork is a nice change of pace or just something I have to do.  It's a workout, for sure.

We leave for Iowa soon... when we can get out the door.  It's been a busy morning!  I still have some corn to freeze and a load of laundry to do.  Dave has to wrap up some church stuff and we need to finish packing.  Bah!  Gotta run!

See you in Iowa!


  1. Yea for Iowa! Yea for yassos! I like doing them. It's a nice change of pace for me. Excited to see you soon!

  2. Hey girl, I just found your blog on Skinny Runner! You are too cute along with the rest of your family. My husband and I just bought a house a little over 2 months ago as well - isn't it great!?

    Stop by One Fine Wire if you get a chance, I'd love to see you there!

    So nice to meet you! And good luck with the new house!


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