Friday, August 27, 2010

20 miles finally finished

Well, close to 20.  I think it ended up being around 19.5.  It's taper time!!!

Favorite part of the run: around mile 6 I was passing an elementary school and a little boy was standing on the corner.  He would go toward the curb, then backup.  There wasn't a crossing guard and I'm pretty sure he didn't know if he was allowed to cross the street without an adult.  I got to the corner and said, "hey, do you want to cross together?"  And we did.  He was cute, even with the snot running out of his nose.  It was cold this morning.

Mile 10 I swung by the house for a bathroom break and for 2 bites of POM brownies.  Yum.

Mile 15 the balls of my feet started aching.  I did some mental tallying in my head... yep, I'm right around 400 miles in these shoes.  Despite what they say about running shoes being able to go 500 miles, my threshold consistently seems to be 400.  At 400 and after my legs just feel like absolute trash - my joints ache and my legs feel heavy and tired.  The last 4 miles were hard.  My body hurt from my neck down to the balls of my feet (literally).  I did a combo of walking and running to get through it, which definitely helped.  Final time: 3:12.  It's just under 10 minute pace, which is slower than I was hoping for... but at least it's finished.  And I'm hopeful that new shoes will really perk up my legs!

Speaking of shoes: they're ordered!
My sister recently got fitted for running shoes and ended up with the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 10's as well.  ...And we both have the same color.  Which means on race day we're going to be ridiculously matchy!

I like to order my running shoes from  They tend to have the best prices - I got these shoes for at least $20 less than other places... and with cheaper shipping.  Plus, they donate a portion of the sale to a charity of your choice!

While I was out running Dave was busy spreading the smell of ammonia around our property.
(Do you covet his gloves?)  We've had a pair of raccoons frequenting our backyard, deck, and back balcony.  They're also scarily unafraid of us.  Dave shot one with a slingshot and it advanced on him, growling (he admits this was a terrifying experience) and I went out the back door one morning for my run and found a raccoon trotting toward me, instead of away.  Needless to say, I've been going out the front door ever since.

Dave read ammonia repels raccoons, so we've put an ammonia-soaked rag out by the back gate (there's a gap at the bottom where we think they might squeeze through) and also rubbed down the railings of the balcony.  We're hopeful we can get rid of them by smell-repellant and won't have to go more hardcore... with pellet guns or hiring someone.

Have you had any experience with raccoons/unwanted wildlife?


  1. Ugh, raccoons!
    We have consistently been the only trash on the block that gets "gotten into" every trash day. We have the same cans as everyone else and we're double bagging everything and still they get into only ours...guns might be the only way...

  2. My husband and I live in Alaska, right by a river where salmon spawn, and consistenly have brown bears in our yard during the summer. Unfortunately our town has had a bears+trash problem for a while, so we had to install u-bolts/nuts on our trash can to keep them out. We use bleach and ammonia, too, they don't like the smell :) And when we go out for walks or hiking...forget the pellet gun, we pack Glock 20's. ;-D


  3. I hope the ammonia works and no animals get hurt. I can understand not wanting them there though!

    Great job on the run! Your pace amazes me! And I am going to bookmark that site. I will need some new 10s soon.


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