Saturday, August 7, 2010

double day

My run this morning stopped at 17.4 miles - I dorked around this morning and didn't leave the house until 6am, then ran kind of slow (I just felt blah).  I passed by the house at just about 9 and had to stop - I was due for breakfast with friends a little later on and I didn't think they really wanted me in the sweaty state I was in.

Fast forward to this afternoon (past some really amazing raspberry baked oatmeal with super thick plain yogurt) - I decided to head back out for another lap to get my run total where it should be.  I've never really done this before and my legs were a little tired, but I wanted to push it and get the mileage I needed.  It was in the low 80s and really sunny, but a good breeze was going and the humidity was low.

4.8 miles later and I've got 22.2 miles for the day.  Not quite the same as all at once, but maybe close enough?  Sweaty fingers crossed.

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  1. i'm beginning to think this "running thing" is a problem. maybe you should seek addiction counseling asap! =)


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