Sunday, August 22, 2010

ikea in numbers

We made it.

Number of ice cream cones from IKEA bistro: 2
Number of ice cream cones I actually wanted: hundreds.  Best soft serve ice cream ever.

Number of people who gave me dirty looks while I waited in line with all my dollys and carts: 7
(I'm way back there giving a thumbs up.)

Number of minutes Dave spent in a bathroom stall using the random wall outlet to charge his phone so we could check on the availability of two furniture covers online: 10 

Number of new sitting options we'll have in our house: 4 (2 couches, 1 chair, 1 loveseat)

Number of IKEA workers who didn't think we'd get it all in our truck: numerous

Number of awesome brother-in-laws who did indeed get it all in, and safely: 1

Number of hours from departure to final arrival at our house: 16

Number of naps happening this afternoon: 3 (Mosie, too!)


  1. Ikea does have the most delicious frozen yogurt. And for only a dollar!

  2. glad you had fun @ ikea! sounds like you got a lot of great stuff for your house. :-)

  3. I love IKEA!!!!

  4. I am confused....16 hours from departure to arrival back at your place and it still is time for a nap??? Wouldn't it be more like time for BED!


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