Thursday, August 5, 2010

lunch in the cube

I ate in-office today.  Dave and I used my lunch break to go over to an antique store to find side-rails for our bed (we have a headboard and a footboard).  Success!  We'll pick them up tomorrow to take back home.  $35.  I like that price!

Leftover cracked wheat in tomato/veggie sauce (with vegan "parmesan cheese") and a sliced pear.  I've got some melon in the fridge for an afternoon snack.

Do you pack a lunch for the office?  What do you pack?


  1. what if you pack a lunch for school still? haha i do!

  2. I usually bring leftovers from whatever we had from dinner either the night before or sometime in the week. We very rarely have leftovers so I usually bring a sandwich. I only eat in the office though on Tuesday and Thursdays because those are the days I go to the Y and do an abs class on my lunch break. Great way to break up the day.

  3. I eat lunch in my office almost every day. Usually it's leftovers from dinner, but other days I'll pack a sandwich or a salad, plus some veggies and hummus or a small serving of yogurt.

  4. yes! antique stores are the best. what a fantastic find. :-)


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