Tuesday, August 3, 2010

new workspace!

Dave and I bought this desk (among other things) from our former landlords.  It's leather-topped, kidney bean shaped, and just beautiful.  I love that it's not huge and I love the shape of it, the sweet drawers.  Initially we thought it would go upstairs but today Dave and I decided to move it downstairs.  I've been craving a workspace for myself - up until now I've been at the dining room table, which works, but isn't great (and doesn't look the nicest with cords and stuff everywhere).  I was going to go look for a small desk or table, but then this all came together!  Problem solved!
Right now it's in the corner of the living room (which we're eventually repainting).  We're thinking it might stay here, but depending on the couches/chairs we get it might shift to another spot.  I wanted my desk downstairs so I could quickly go switch laundry or put some beans on to boil for dinner.

Slowly, slowly our house is coming together.  Ha.  I feel like a liar saying that considering we're still using a twin mattress on the floor as our only "couch" and a large part of our possessions (books, decorations) are still in boxes, and dressers and bookshelves and tables are scattered haphazardly, but it's true.  Slowly, we're getting there.  The best part?  We're filling it with things that we absolutely love, not just like.  That takes a little more time.


  1. take your time. you'll certainly do better than keegan and i. it took us a good 4 years to get our first couch.

  2. love the desk! and really love the paint color too. :-)


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