Wednesday, August 4, 2010

oops, I did it again

Mosie chose some unusual sleeping positions yesterday.
She's so dang cute.

Last night's dinner turned out to be a lot like the night before.  My bad.  It was still delicious!
Roasted broccoli with cracked wheat in a tomato sauce, topped with "vegan parmesan cheese."  This "cheese" recipe is really easy to make and is really delicious.  It tastes similar to parmesan but has a nuttier taste.  Loved it.
And it made enough to keep on hand.  I'm excited to put it on my morning skillet scrambles.

As for the cracked wheat, they had a similar texture to steel cut oats.  I really liked them, but I think I expected something firmer or denser or grittier?  I'm not really sure, but oats wasn't what I was expecting!  Still, they were good!

As for the roasted broccoli, I roasted it on a silicone baking sheet I got from CSNstores.
Pros: The sheet goes right in the dishwasher after use, which makes cleanup really easy.  And I can avoid using foil, which I then throw away.  I like that.  Cons: The sheet is an odd size.  It didn't fit my small cookie sheet (hung over the edges) or my large one (didn't quite fit the width).  That was a little annoying because then broccoli got on the cookie sheet, meaning I have to wash it, which was kind of the point of the baking sheet - to avoid having to wash the cookie sheet.  In any case, I'll use the sheet again (and probably fairly often), but would maybe get a different one next time that fits my cookie sheets better - although aren't cookie sheets pretty standard in size??

I'm off to do some early morning yassos!

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  1. What temperature/setting do you roast your broccoli on? I never thought of fixing it that way. Great idea!


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