Sunday, August 29, 2010


Warning: if you come to visit, you might be enlisted to help paint.

Good thing our friend, Chad, didn't mind jumping in.  Chad helped me with the trimming... which made everything faster and saved me from a painful, cramped, aching hand.  I'm super grateful!

We decided to paint the foyer, which was probably our most dramatic change, as it went from bright red to a more subdued cream.  Evidence:
Love love love it.  The room looks bigger and brighter after just one coat.

Trimming.  Chad took high, I took low.
Painting.  The radiator in the corner there posed a minor issue, but we got through it.
 See that lamp hanging there?  Earlier we climbed up to wash it out and found a bouncy ball inside!
I don't think I can adequately describe how excited Dave is to play with Mosie with this ball.

Painters by a red wall:
And a fancy new "crepe" wall!
Afterwards we celebrated with pizza (and barley and veggies) and sparking juice from IKEA!
One more coat to go (and three more rooms...)


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