Monday, August 2, 2010

reader recipe poll: tomatoes!

For some reason I thought July ended on the 30th, so I mistakenly gave my July running total early.  Turns out I ran again on Saturday morning at the family reunion!  It was a fun way to get to know Dave's cousins.

July running total: 175 miles

It's the second reader recipe poll!

  • tomato pie
  • basil tomato and crouton casserole
  • roma tomato salad with feta and garlic

I'll end the poll Tuesday at noon!

Canada was crazy fun and really beautiful, but it's a full day back to work and getting the house in order.  I'm off to get a few things done!  I'll be back!

(Sarah, here's a post where I've talked about yassos and what they are.  Thanks for asking!)

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  1. how far away was the place in canada where you went? did you take any pictures?


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