Thursday, August 19, 2010

running buddy

I did indeed get my yassos in last night, despite dead-leg feeling from sitting in the cube all day.  I managed to convince my friend Jordan to come out and run them with me.
Jordan and I, in 2007.  Apparently we don't really take pictures together, as this was the only one I could find.

In any case, having a yasso buddy must make me faster.  The numbers:
3:36 (new best!)
**dinner break**

Ordinarily I wouldn't stop in the middle for dinner, but it ended up working.  At 5 it was still really hot and the track just seemed to bottle it up.  We were roasting.  After dinner, when I headed out solo, it had cooled off nicely and was really pleasant.  My legs felt like they had loosened up some, too.  I think the mint chocolate graham cookies I ate with dinner helped.

Next week is the last week of yassos before the marathon!  I'm hopeful to get one more best time.

Cubicle again this morning.  I've got coffee!

Do you like running solo or with someone?


  1. I just don't like running. Wish I did though!

  2. i run solo. but i miss the year i ran with kalila everyday.


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