Wednesday, August 11, 2010

sweet baby Mylin

Last night I headed to Bluffton, Indiana, to stay the night with my friend, Rachel, and her sweet little girl, Mylin.  You may remember I met Mylin when she was two days old, while Dave and I were in Fort Wayne for his racquetball tourney.

Mylin has definitely gotten bigger!  I love fat baby cheeks!
Rachel and I had a wonderful time catching up and talking while we hung out with Mylin.  I loved having her hot little body in my arms!

Mylin and I even wore matching giraffe pajamas.
She wasn't very interested in taking this picture.  She really just wanted a bedtime snack.

I'm so grateful for Rachel, one of my closest friends for 8 years now.  I love seeing her with Mylin!  (Joel, sorry I missed you this trip!  Next time!)

1 comment:

  1. you're the best :)
    thanks for the shoutu-out!
    when mylin wakes up i'll make sure and show her :)


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