Tuesday, August 3, 2010

test run

I took my new shirt and headband out for a 10 mile test-run this morning (original plan was to go 7 but it was such a nice morning and I was enjoying it so much I just added in an extra loop).

Pre-run, pre-coffee, before humidity and spits of rain.
Post run: perhaps a little sweaty.
The verdict: looooooooved the shirt.  It's cotton, not wicking, so I wasn't sure what to expect.  But the cotton is thin enough that it seems like wicking and it dries super fast.  Plus it's way softer than a wicking shirt.  The shirt was really comfortable (no tugging, no riding up or moving around) and I didn't have any chafing - not at side seams, neckline, or underarms (all typical spots for me).  And the headband stayed exactly put the entire run - even when I was messing with my hair (I had about 20 minutes where a deer fly would not leave me alone and I kept flipping my hair in paranoia that the fly was in my hair, ready to bite me.  It's happened before.  I'm not completely crazy.).  It fit well (I got a medium) - close enough to not be frumpy but not so tight that I felt self-conscious or uncomfortable.  Another bonus: I plan on wearing this shirt both for running and just out and about (c'mon - it's stinkin' adorable) and with cotton I don't have to worry that it will get sweat-smelly.  Wicking shirts tend to hold that smell more, even after you wash them, you know?

I sound like a cotton convert, don't I?  I'll still wear my wicking shirts, too, but I do just really love this shirt!
I'm wearing the other shirt today.  I brought Mosie into the picture because three pictures of just me is too many.  She didn't want to look at the camera though.  Mostly she just looked at me with her "I'm tolerating this but seriously, put me down soon please" face.

Looks like the basil tomato and crouton casserole is this week's winner for the reader recipe poll.  Look for the recipe/review on Friday morning!  Thanks for voting!  Who knows, I might make those other recipes in the future, too - they sounded pretty awesome!

What have you been cooking lately?


  1. mom and i made the edamame, black bean, tomato, tofu salad when i was home and peach tea bread!

  2. I have been thinking of ordering one of those to run in. I am now convinced. My first half marathon is in October. Debating long or short sleeves? Any advice?

  3. Cute shirt, I love when short sleeved shirts have really short sleeves like that too, they're so much cooler (as in temperature, although they are pretty awesome as well). LOL

  4. The shirt looks great. I'm impressed that it didn't get soaked - even with it being cotton.


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