Wednesday, August 4, 2010

yasso FAIL

I'll admit, I punked out on my run this morning.  I did the 2 miles to the track and got out 3 yassos before I turned around and ran home.  I felt really tired and lethargic, even though my times weren't bad (3:47, 3:48, 3:49).  It was densely humid - so foggy at times I couldn't see the other side of the track - and not a whisper of wind to help.  The air was just nasty stagnant and hot and heavy.  Could I have pushed out 4 more yassos?  Probably.  But I don't really regret taking an easier day and coming home - humidity definitely makes a run a lot harder!

I refueled with something I've been missing: an icy cold green smoothie!  One frozen banana, two large handfuls of spinach, milk, and half a peach.
 It's a bread-baking day - something that hasn't happened for awhile.  I love how easy bread is, really - just mix and let rise, pound down, rise again, bake.  Doesn't take much time in the kitchen - you just have to keep checking back!

And a storm day (this explains the crazy early-morning humidity), which means Mosie is crouched as close as possible to my feet.  Sweet little scaredy cat.

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  1. agh! part of your feet made it into another picture! j/k


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