Friday, September 24, 2010


We recently bought a white frame with three 5x7 spaces in it for pictures.  The plan is to hang it above the sink in the kitchen, for a little decoration and something to look at when I'm rinsing or washing dishes (which, thankfully, is a lot less time now that we have a dishwasher!).  I wasn't sure what to put in the frame, so it's still all wrapped in plastic.  Dave and I typically don't take many vertical pictures and I couldn't think of any I really wanted to hang.  Then this past weekend my mom told me about  I got on and created a few word collages... wah-la!  Art for the wall?  I printed them at Walgreens and I'm excited to put them in the frames tonight and see how they look.  Maybe it'll be a keeper?

I did my wordles from three things I love (also the tagline of my blog!):

What do you think?  I'm anxious to see how they look all together.  It could be a win or a total fail!


  1. oooo- fun. i will have to go to that website and play. great gift idea too- thanks kim (and mom)!

  2. Very cool! Although - where's "Kim?"

  3. I agree. Wordle is quite cool. Sometime you should try a poem. That's my favorite.

  4. Oh cool! I can't wait to see how they look. I love this idea!

  5. I love it. My mom made and framed one that is the names of God! I bet they look great!


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