Sunday, September 19, 2010

bluegrass festival

We managed to complete our festival experience with a giant funnel cake, split between Dave, Jill, and I.  I would have taken a picture... but it was gone in about 18 seconds.  I can't remember the last time I had a funnel cake.  Hot, fluffy, and completely blanketed in powdered sugar.  We did get a picture of the three of us watching a band (albeit a grainy/dark one!).
The last band we saw was amazing.  Dave and I completely fell in love with them: 18 South.  Check them out here.  I recommend listening to Late Night Ramble.  You know a group is really good when they almost sound better live than they do recorded.  And they sound really good recorded!
Today's events are mostly yet-to-be-planned.  We'll see how things shape up...

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  1. Mmmmm...funnel cake! I know it's fried and covered with sugar but it's so good!


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