Sunday, September 5, 2010

date night 2

After spending much of yesterday afternoon taping the living room, Dave thought he would take me out for dinner.  And the living room?  It used an entire roll of painting tape... and then some.  Over 150 feet.  I swear this room is all windows and doors.  The actual painting will be a breeze!

It's time for fall clothes already??  That was fast.
We originally were going to go to an italian place downtown, but when we got there we were pretty much ignored (and we were the only ones in there) and then when we got the menu, found out all they were serving that night was pizza and sandwiches.  By this point I was already annoyed about the customer service, so we left.  We thought we might go to Olive Garden, but then decided to try a new italian place a little closer to home.  This turned out to be a fantastic idea.  The owner is a master chef from Italy and everything - from bread to pasta to sauces - is homemade.  YUM.  I had the pasta aglio e olio (pasta with garlic and olive oil and herbs) and Dave had the gnocchi quattro formaggio (gnocchio in an alfredo-like sauce).  Deeeelicious!  And where the other place ignored us, this place almost paid us too much attention!  Everyone from the waiter to the hostess to the chef came to check on us!  I could say we left with boxed leftovers... but that would be a total lie.  We left on super carbo overload (and some incredibly heavy garlic breath for me).

On our way home we hit up Pier 1 and found a nightstand for our bedroom (yay wedding giftcards that keep on giving!) and then made some room for a blizzard from DQ.  Naturally.

I actually still feel full (overeat much?) but I'm off to try running again!  Let's hope the weird foot bruise is better today!

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  1. corrine and i request you take us to that italian place when we are there for christmas!


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