Friday, September 3, 2010


Today at 2:30 Mosie is headed to the vet office.  She's due for some shots.  Poor Mosie!  She doesn't know what's in store for her yet...
Exciting news!  The living room is complete!  One of the loveseat cushions came with a slight tear in it, so last night I stitched it up.
 And put on the cover!
I love that our furniture has washable covers!  The tags say "dry clean only", but a friendly lady in line at IKEA told me that I can wash them myself and hang them to dry, as long as I keep them far far away from the dryer.

A blog to read: Remember when Dave and I went to Iowa?  Our friend Melissa has since started her own blog.  Check it out!  She has 3 hilarious kids that she homeschools, is training for her first marathon, and also has 2 really silly cats!


  1. Yay! An Iowa blogger! I am from Iowa :)

    Boo! Hope Mosie is not too traumatized!

  2. Why do my comments always get removed your blog. It is almost like someone is policing me. Your blog is a police state!


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