Tuesday, September 21, 2010

hill repeats

Reader recipe poll winner: movie mix (crispix and peanut butter)!  Recipe and review will be Friday morning.

I don't love running on hills.  I live in northern Indiana, where you actually have to go looking for hills.  So when it comes to running hills, I'm not much of a fan because I don't have much practice on them.  This morning I headed out for a run.  Since I'm in eastern Tennessee everything seems to be on a slope of some sort - there isn't any flatland!  I decided to find a particularly steep hill and run hill repeats for something different.  I ran about 1.5 miles out to King College and found a rather short but pretty steep service road.  I did 10 runs up, jogged down, and then headed home.  I'm guessing tomorrow I'll be feeling it in my legs since I'm not used to running hills!

The run itself didn't feel awesome, probably because I haven't been eating the best - lots of chocolate caramel brownies, chocolate chip cookies, Keebler fudge cookies, etc.  Dave and I try not to eat crappy on vacation just because it's vacation, but it happens sometimes (which is okay).  Our meals here in Tennessee have been definitely healthy... it's just the desserts and snacks that are doing me in!  I'm weak in the face of sugar!  I know once I get home and get back to more moderation with desserts my running will feel better, too.

And since my recovery from the Presque Isle marathon has gone so well (my legs feel great!) I decided to go for it while the going is good:
November 13, 2010, Columbia City, Indiana!

This gives me two more chances this fall to finish a marathon without vomiting.  And maybe get a new PR, too!


  1. That is awesome! What other marathon are you doing?

  2. i hate hills. good for you...but eww!

  3. good god. how many marathons in a three month time period? you're crazy. and my hero.


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