Sunday, September 5, 2010

the last long run

Today was the last official "long" run before the marathon - an easy 8.  It was in the high 40s this morning (borderline cold!) and bright and sunny - it was glorious.  My foot hurt for maybe the first mile, but then felt completely fine, so I pushed on.  I would have liked to have done 10 but got out of the house late (Totally don't have a valid excuse.  Procrastination.) so I settled for 8.  It felt so good.  I'm really hoping we have a nice fall day for the marathon, because cool temps and no humidity definitely helps with endurance... and mental strength!

We're heading to a church group tonight and everyone is bringing a finger food.  I'm bringing a big ol' pot of popcorn.

It's going to be a good night.

Dave's Parents' Popcorn
2T. coconut oil
popcorn kernels (we like white the best)
medium pot with cover
salt to taste

Melt the 2T. coconut oil over high heat.  As soon as it has melted, add enough popcorn kernels to cover the entire bottom of the pot.  Tilt the pot back and forth to move the kernels around and coat all of them with the oil.  Place the lid on top.  After about a minute kernels will start popping.  Turn heat off when the lid starts to lift off from all the kernels or when 3 seconds between each popping.  Pour into a large bowl and salt to taste.

Serves 2-4... or 1 Kim.

Seriously, this is the best way to have popcorn.  The coconut oil is just perfect... and I don't normally like coconut.  We looove to crush up Wheat Thins Parmesan Basil crackers into our popcorn.  Dave's parents put crushed salt and vinegar chips - also delicious!

How do you like your popcorn?


  1. I like to put hot sauce on my popcorn. I swear it's good!

  2. you are correct, as my housemates introduced me to this method a year ago; this is the best way to make popcorn. no more microwave for me . . . !

  3. I am happy to hear your foot is feeling better!

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE popcorn too. (Another thing we have in common?) We usually just pop it with oil and put a bit of salt on :)

  4. I like hot sauce too. I also like it with cheezits in the mix.


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