Friday, September 17, 2010

running legs

My legs are back!

I got a fast 4.5 miles in this morning at an 8:30 pace!  My legs felt awesome and I wanted to keep going, but needed to get back and on the road.  I love the new morning weather we've been having - low 50s and just gorgeous.  Makes me want to run and run and run.  I feel like I can push the pace a lot more, too.

Run sightings:
  • A young deer on the side of the trail, maybe 8 feet away.  She just watched me pass.  So pretty!
  • Two guys from the radio at a big intersection.  One of the guys (a grown man) was sitting in a wagon decorated with radio station signs. The other was holding a travel mug and talking on his cell phone.  What the?
What's something funny you've seen when running or driving?


  1. Yay! Awesome run! I love the cooler temps too! When is the next full?

    I love seeing deer. I saw a mommy and baby deer on Wed. Aww.

    The funniest thing I saw while running was a naked runner. But I may have already mentioned that!

  2. Wow--that's fast! Glad you've recovered so quickly. Your weather sounds lovely; here it's rainy but still sticky.

  3. I've seen a random male peacock with full plummage showing out in the middle of a gravel (not dirt) road. It took me awhile to figure out what in the world was in the middle of the road as I ran closer to it. Awesome run time for you! I'm looking forward to someday running at faster than a snail's pace. :)

  4. Well it's funny now that I think about it, but I used to run back at home in Huntsville and everyday these three white dogs would run over and bite my ankles. I'm sure it looked funny from an outsider watching me try to shoo and run away from 2 lb dogs :)

  5. a family of turkeys walked across the road in front of me the other day, haha.


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