Saturday, September 4, 2010

shoulda coulda woulda

I wanted to run this morning.  It was PERFECT outside - cool, clear, sunny, slightly breezy.  It felt like early fall, my absolute favorite.  Long sleeve shirts but shorts.  Cold nose but warm hands.  Perfect.


Yesterday morning the top of my foot hurt.  It feels mostly like a bruise - it's tender to push on but not so much that I'm gasping in pain, and the hurt feels more surface than deep.  I didn't run yesterday just to be careful.  This morning I put on my shoes and the pressure on the bruised spot was uncomfortable - not terrible, but present.  I ran a block and came back.  I probably could knock out some miles and it might hurt a little, but it wouldn't be too bad.  But with the marathon now one week away, I'm paranoid.  So the foot is getting babied today and hopefully running tomorrow.

The new shoes I ordered last week got delayed in shipment.  This makes me irrationally angry.  Right now UPS is forecasting that I'll receive them September 10th.  That's Friday.  That's the Friday before the Sunday marathon.  That's pretty much unacceptable, because I would have almost no time to break them in, even a little bit.


Today I ordered another pair of shoes from  They will arrive on Tuesday, which should give me enough time to get at least a couple miles in on them before the race.  Sucks that they cost $100 instead of $80, like the others.  At least I know the other pair of running shoes will definitely get used, eventually.  Good thing Dave and I's monthly budget actually has a category for money set aside each month specifically for "running shoes" (you know you're a runner when...).

In summary:
I should've watched the mileage on my shoes better and ordered earlier.
I wish I could've known the ones I had ordered would take so long.
I wish I would've been able to go running this morning.

Shoulda coulda woulda.

1 comment:

  1. I guess if I use that site I will have to make sure to order my shoes early!

    I hope your foot feels better. :(


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