Saturday, September 11, 2010

training review

I've run 433 miles over 14 weeks.

I've done 19.5 miles twice, 20 miles (super nasty sweaty), and 22 miles split up in a day.

I've run 42 yassos in total.

I watched the movie Prefontaine to inspire me.  The acting in that is terrible!

I have a new shirt to wear.

I have a new pair of shoes (not without some trouble).

To be honest, Kelly and I are both nervous about the race tomorrow.  It's Kelly's first marathon (woohoo!) - heck, it's her first race!  And after my last marathon, I'm nervous that I'm going to choke.

But we're also really excited.  The race scenery looks to be gorgeous - seriously, check out where we're running!

Tons of water views!!

The weather is shaping up to be perfect (cool and cloudy), and we've got ipods loaded with fun songs... and lots of time to talk, too!  We're packing baggies of raisins and salted peanuts for race fuel, and each carrying 26 peanut m&ms - one to eat at each mile marker (or to throw to the side if we're not feeling the chocolate).

We're planning on making these pinole pancakes tonight, then heating them up in the morning, slathering on some peanut butter and banana, and downing them with coffee.  To get to the race by 6am (when they request all runners to be there by) we'll need to leave the house about 5am!

Cheer us on from wherever you are!

Anyone else out there racing this weekend?  GOOD LUCK!!

I'll be back Sunday (with at least our time) and I'll have pictures and a whole report on Monday!


  1. Wow! You made it sound almost fuN! I got nervous though just reading it. Your an inspiration. I really do wish I was that healthy or that fit! Just hoping to run a mile at least 3 times this week :)

    Can't wait to hear how it went!


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