Tuesday, September 15, 2009

dried basil 4 life

I've had my new basil plant... a week? 10 days? I've watered it here and there (neither too much or too little, I don't think). It's been in a sunny window. I haven't overplucked it. And yet:

Dead. Or close to it. I'm feeling pretty resigned to just using dried basil for the rest of my life.

Had a great weekend in Chicago. Being in Soldier Field was AWESOME. Dave and I enjoyed the four business men sitting in front of us who clearly where there because their corporation bought them tickets. Proof: the guy who asked "so are they supporting a new album or what?" He also sat with his arms crossed most of the time, surveying the crowd with a curious/slightly annoyed expression. We enjoyed that two super-exuberant fans sat in front of him, standing the entire time, dancing wildly, and singing along.

Monday we spent the day walking around Northerly Island, enjoying the sun. Then got in free to the Adler Planetarium and went to a really cool show about stars, constellations, astronomy. On the way home we stopped at Michigan City Outlets... but came away with only a shirt for Dave and a subway sandwich for our dinner.

I don't have any recipes planned yet for the week, or any cravings or ideas. So feel free to supply some! The only thing thus far is probably another batch of red pepper hummus, when we finish this one.


  1. looks to me like you should make some pesto pasta right away!

  2. oh, kinkers! your poor little basil plant. have you ever wondered if those self-watering plant bulbs work (the ones you can buy on mass quantities)? i don't have plants because i can't keep up with them.

  3. maybe it just wanted out of that pot!?

  4. Kimmy...learned a pot lesson myself lately. (that sounded bad). Anyway..make sure your pot is an indoor one...they actually sell pots specifically for indoors/outdoors and it really makes a difference. Outdoor pots kill indoor plants. Clay, Terracotta is the best in my opinion for basil.


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