Thursday, October 22, 2009

fartleks and flashbacks

I first read about fartleks in Runner's World magazine - basically just speedwork when you're running - but I had yet to try them.  Today I thought I would give it a shot.  Here's what I did:

2 miles - average pace
1/2 mile - hard pace (basically talking would have been difficult, but I wasn't sprinting)
1 mile - average
1/2 mile - hard
1 mile - average
1/2 mile - hard
3 mile - average
1/2 mile - hard

I threw a mile of sprintwork on the college track in there, too.  I think I'll try to do a run like this once or twice a week?  In any case, I think it would be good for me to push my pace so I don't get in a rut.  I'm perfectly happy with a 9 minute mile pace... unless I'm still there out of laziness.  I don't feel extra tired or sore, which is nice.  I think I can play around with doing shorter bursts at sprint-level, and maybe longer ones at a hard pace.

In high school my best friend, Bec, and I both took classes at the community college.  As a result, we got to go home for lunch instead of staying at the school.  We always used to go to Bec's house, watch What Not To Wear, and eat pizza bobs - open faced sandwiches with pizza sauce, pepperoni, and cheese, microwaved.  My lunch today kind of reminded me of that.  I decided to work with lentils for the first time (growing up we had lentils in casseroles and soups - I've just never made them myself).  I cooked the lentils in a bit of cumin water, toasted an Arnold Sandwich Thin, got some leftover pizza sauce my friend Patty made, and browned up some onions.  The final product:

It was delicious!!  I definitely want to make this again.  And covered in cheese I think Dave would like it, too!

I had peanut butter oatmeal for breakfast again - soooo good.  This time I added some chia seeds and a few salted sunflower seeds.  The sunflower seeds were a great slightly salty crunchy addition.  A definite repeat.

Happy Thursday!


  1. is peanut butter oatmeal something you make or buy? if buy, recipe please!

  2. ah, yes, dave and his cheese...i'd forgotten that. i should have included something about cheese on his church blog. ;-p


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