Tuesday, October 6, 2009

vaca recap

Another post sans pictures - we mostly forgot to use our camera while away, and the one or two pictures I would put up are at home (I'm in Marion).  Look for photo evidence in later posts.

**skip this paragraph if you could really care less about what we did day-to-day while we were away... but click the link there in bold just so you can drool over the amazing pastries and breads**  We had a wonderful time taking a long weekend in NC.  The trip there was painfully long - 13 hours - and we rolled in to Durham about 11, tired tired tired.  Friday morning Dave and I went running, then met up with Pat and Bethany for lunch.  We walked around Duke some, then Bethany took Dave and I threw Chapel Hill, to Carrboro, and to Trader Joe's. Had a late dinner together - the boys wandered in Best Buy while Bethany and I sat outside the restaurant and talked.  Saturday we went running and then had an amazing breakfast at Guglhupf bakery - all made with local farm food.  SO GOOD.  Then Dave and I drove to Charlotte to meet up with Jim and Claudia, the couple that he lived with in Atlanta for 2 years.  We got lunch with them at Mama Ricotta's (I had super delicious wheat pasta with chunky homemade tomato sauce) and then took a tour of the Lowe's Motor Speedway, per Jim's request.  For $5 we got a van tour of the whole complex and grounds, including a drive around the speedway.  It was fun and interesting, and something easy to do while we hung out.  Afterwards we grabbed Starbucks and talked, then said goodbye and headed to Kevin's house.  Sunday we went to church - meeting up with Pat and Bethany - then had a hilarious lunch all together at a trendy Mexican place (Dave was crying laughing).  Sunday afternoon Bethany and I went to IKEA and left the boys to hang out together.  And Monday we began our drive home - 12 hours from Charlotte, rolling in at just about 10pm to a very noisy and purring Mosie.  We had missed her!!

So that's the weekend wrap up.  I'm in Marion today, headed home tonight to meet a new baby!  Week goals include:
  • cleaning the house
  • making spaghetti squash soup (recipe to be posted!)
  • getting some good runs in
  • making sweet potato oven fries (this will be accomplished tonight)
Question of the day: church carry-in on Sunday.  What delicious dish (not dessert) should I make?  Vote now!


  1. 1. did you get anything at ikea?!?!?!? (i love that place!)

    2. mosie missed you guys a lot too. :)

    3. yum for sweet potato fries.

    4. look at your facebook for what i made for sunday. i think you should try lettuce wraps again. just kidding. how about fruit with cream cheese and brown sugar?

  2. This is one of my faves:

    Search "Black Bean and Couscous Salad" on (Have I shared that one before?) Pic shown does not have red peppers but the recipe does.

    For some reason copy & paste still isn't working on this. Hmmm...

    Sounds like a FUN vacation.


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