Thursday, February 11, 2010

gymmin' it

I've already talked about how I'm pretty sure I've obtained the Most Nast-astic Girl At The Gym Award.  Several of the old people at the gym have confirmed this by telling me in various ways, "boy, sure looks like you got a good workout."  My tshirt is soggy and my face is beat red... I'm not really surprised that people tend to pick treadmills that aren't right next to me.

I also tend to dress kind of rag-tag when I run.  Some people have awesome gym outfits - moisture-wicking shirts and shorts - and, miracles of miracles, they match.  My gym outfits are cut off tshirts (yep, just like an early 90s muscle man, minus the fluorescent graphics), and random shorts.
What's that on my head you say?  Well.  This is the crowning piece of my gym outfit - the headband.  I cannot stand to have hair in my face when I'm working out.  Drives.  Me.  Nuts.  All of the headbands I've tried, however, tend to creep slowly back on my head until they shoot off the back.  Not so helpful.  Then I discovered that when I cut up a shirt for the gym, the sleeve makes an awesome headband.  The cuff is tight enough to stay in place but not so tight that I get an instant headache.  Perfection!  And I probably only look a little weird with a sleeve on my head.  Hey, it works.
Honestly, the most important things I wear to the gym are my shoes.  I love my Brooks Adrenaline GTS (# whatever model... seriously, shoes are kind of like Land Before Time - they just keep churning them out).  I wear double-layer sport socks, but not any specific brand, and I generally pick them up at Walmart.  I tend to find blister prevention is more about the shoe than the sock.  I pick shorts that aren't going to ride up on me when I'm running, or lead to some chub-rub chafing in the thighs.  For me, that's two pairs of Reebok shorts that are a little big, a cheapo pair of spandexy shorts from Walmart, and some random shorts I found at TJ Maxx two years ago.  I only own two sports bras (gross, I know): a Champion one from Kohls that I got this year (love it) and one from when I ran cross country in 7th grade... surprisingly it has no holes and is still supportive.  I do think this year I might expand my sports bra collection a little bit - even just one more.

What do you wear to the gym?  What's your favorite piece of the outfit?


  1. no wonder dave does not accompany you to the gym looking like that! just teasing!

  2. i also am always the sweatiest girl at the gym (ok, probably sweatiest person period.) it's not pretty when your ponytail starts dripping, but in some sick way, it feels so good! i've recently been thinking of the gym this way: last week a friend of mine was leaving the gym as i was coming. i asked him how his swim was, and he said, "i feel virtuous again." so, yes, i may be soggy and stinky and panting, but i feel virtuous again.

  3. Love the Land Before Time / Brooks Adrenaline parallel. Good use of your metaphorical English-major powers. (:

  4. oh kim, this post made me laugh. i'm definitely not a glamazon gym barbie. i wear tshirts or tanktops that aren't meant for running and baggy running shorts that i love that i've had forever. i'm always the sweatiest kid at the gym (at least i think i am). i feel like they turn up the heat waaay too much.


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