Tuesday, February 9, 2010

snow day (kind of)

So glad I made the drive home last night rather than today!  We don't have crazy amounts of snow, but I'd rather not experience partially cleared roads with drifting.

Instead, we threw an impromptu staff breakfast party at our house!  Dave picked up some pastries from the Mexican bakery, I griddled up some scrambled eggs and sausage, we brewed a big pot of coffee, diced up a cantaloupe, and I got a large portion of oats rolling on the stovetop!  We ate, caffeinated, and watched Ice Age 3 together.  So fun!  And happily several people were loving the steel-cut oats!  The obsession spreads... bwa hahahaha!

Sandy brought an ice cream cake to celebrate Dave's birthday, so we cut into that late in the morning as well.
Dave's birthday is technically Friday, but the staff wanted to celebrate with him today!
Some of our "family" here in Goshen.  Amanda, Steve, Jeremy, Carrie, Sandy, and my birthday boy.

For lunch I roasted up some kale chips with olive oil and garlic salt.  Pre-oven:
Yesterday I drove home without dinner (unless you counted some heavy snacking done pre-drive) and as I passed McDonalds I thought how long its been since I've had fries... but surprisingly, they didn't even sound that good.  I did stop and get a fruit and yogurt parfait though.  Love those!  These fries, on the other hand, always sound good!
The rest of the day is wide open.  I'm either taking a workout rest day or doing a circuit here at home.  Mosie is, thankfully, finally asleep.  She's in her second round of heat and last night she woke us up about 8 different times with her loud and throaty mating meow... needless to say we're feeling increasingly okay about getting her spayed.

And lastly, for my sister: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Kelly!!!  Kel and I in 2008, being dorks.
Kel (age 6) and I (age 2) in 1986.  I love this picture.  (Apparently my love of ice cream started early.)


  1. i just found your blog and wanted to say hello!

    i LOVE it!

    I really look forward to reading more ;)

  2. kim, your blog is always so fun to read/see. yay. thanks for the great supper last night! sorry i was a sneezy sniffly mess! have a good day with Tals...


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