Thursday, March 25, 2010

late night

Dave and I are habitual early-to-bed people.  We're pretty firm about our 9pm bedtime and we try to stick to it consistently (Dave gets up at 5am and I get up at 6am).  The upside of this is we both feel really rested and on top of things during the week.  The downside is that we often have to leave parties or get togethers a little early in order to get to bed.  Still, I'm grateful for it - getting enough sleep has made a huge difference in my running and my general health!  That being said, I'm blowing right through bedtime tonight!  The Kentucky v. Cornell game doesn't tip off til10:06pm (this was 9:57 earlier, then 10:05)!  If you ask me, that's way too late for a game... but nobody asked me, so here I am, wrapped in a Kentucky blanket.

Highlights of staying up late: Mosie is curled up on the couch next to me and I made popcorn and I didn't have to share the bowl.  Lowlights: it's quiet, I'm tired, and I like watching games with Dave.

Let's rewind to earlier.

My first time feeding Talia cereal!
A lot of cereal ended up on her face.  Unfortunately I didn't get her little Pebbles-esque ponytail on top of her head in the picture!

We had friends over for dinner tonight and made tomato lentil chili from the Vegetarian Planet cookbook.  It was really delicious!!  Sadly, no picture because I forgot.  Maybe when it comes around for leftovers?  Definitely a keeper recipe... I'll just have to make sure I write it down before I give the cookbook back to my sister.

It's almost the weekend!!!


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  1. i beat dave to bed last night- 8:45 baby!!!!


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