Wednesday, March 10, 2010

oatmeal perfection

It was fifty degrees and slightly rainy on my run this morning.  It felt so good to be back outside and not be bundled up!  The miles felt a little harder than normal toward the end - I think running outside pushes me more.  I'm so glad spring is here!

I had an amazing bowl of oats today: steelies + banana + cinnamon + flaxseed + yogurt + chia seeds + raisins.  Super filling and super delicious!

It's a somewhat crazy day over here - I leave tonight for Fort Wayne to head to South Carolina tomorrow!  Some of my immediate and extended family is getting together for the weekend at my sister's and I managed to weasel my way into my aunt and uncle's backseat!  So today is taking care of errands, grocery shopping, helping in Richele's class, packing, and getting things set - both for me for the trip and for Dave here at home!  I've been saving the newest Runner's World magazine for a week now so I can read it in the car - it's been hard to not open it!

My sister doesn't have internet at her house, but I'll try to squeeze a post or two in.  If not, I'll be back Tuesday with lots of pictures!



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