Friday, July 30, 2010

trust Hal

I use Hal Higdon's intermediate program as a guide for my marathon training.  This week the long run was 12 miles and I thought "12 seems too small.  I'll do 15."  HA.  With last week's high mileage combined with the yassos yesterday my legs felt like rocks.  It took some convincing to squeeze those 12 out this morning.  And the three stupid deer flies that bit me did not help.  I hate those things.

Bizarre part of the run: I passed a train that was stopped on the tracks.  The conductor was on the balcony of the train brushing his teeth.  Random.

I got home and stretched, then cooked up some lentils and veggies for breakfast.  We're driving to Canada today for Dave's family reunion and I wanted something that would really hold me over in the car since we'll probably just pack snack stuff for lunch.  Lentils with sauteed onions, chopped broccoli, and sweet corn, plus flaxseed corn chips!

July running total: 161 miles
July swim total: 1 mile (Whoops.  Looks like I need some more pool time.)

Have a great weekend!  And check back tomorrow - I have a post scheduled to go up while I'm gone!


  1. Hal is my Yoda. Never underestimate the power of Hal.

    Nice running total for July - great job considering the general volcanic weather conditions across most of the country lately.

  2. I am a new runner. What are yassos?


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