Saturday, October 24, 2009


Started off the day with a wonderful misty/drizzle/cloudy cool run in the midst of falling yellow leaves.  Met friends for late morning tea and toast, then saw my wonderful sister-in-law for a little catch up time as well.  And since then I've been in the kitchen!

black bean chili

sweet potato cornbread

black bean brownies - I know.  Strange.  But you substitute beans for flour and get cakey brownies.  It's my first time trying these and I was pleasantly surprised.  Not the best brownies I've ever had, but not beany!  And way more nutrient-packed than flour brownies!
pumpkin cookies (yet to be made)

I also made roasted squash fries for the first time last night - big yum!  I took a sweet dumpling squash, scooped out the innards, and sliced it very thin.  Tossed it in olive oil, salt, oregano, and basil, then spread them on a cookie sheet and baked them at 425 for about 40 minutes.  So great!  I will be coming back to this for my squash for sure.

I haven't tasted the cornbread or chili yet (dinner tonight) or cookies... expect reviews on them tomorrow!


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