Wednesday, November 11, 2009


New things new things... what's been new?

I've been putting leftover lentils/cabbage/carrots with a bit of tomato sauce and piling it on toast - big YUM.  New oatmeal this morning - extra oats, little bit of yogurt, some pureed strawberries, little bit of raspberry jam.  I love love love oats!  And tonight I attempted to make stromboli.  The plan was to make a meaty/cheesy one and a veggie one... but after the first stromboli - the meaty/cheesy - took all the dough and was not quite as easy as I imagined (sticky dough, not folding, some sauce leaks, etc.) I settled for one stromboli and a skillet of sweet potato, garlic, orange pepper, onion, and spices.  And some cheesy mashed potatoes.  Dave thoroughly enjoyed the stromboli and I happily gobbled up the skillet!

Question: is there a difference between stromboli and calzone?

We got Mosie a laser pointer to play... she loves it like you wouldn't believe.  Panting can generally occur 5 minutes after the laser is turned on.  She sprints, jumps, weaves, bounds - it's hilarious to watch!  And an easy (lazy) way for us to play!

Tonight we had our friends Jeremy and Erin and baby Talia over to hang out.  We caught up on The Office together and just chilled.  

Cute baby Talia with her little barrette.

Late last week Amanda came over and gave Mosie a horsey ride.  Lucky for us Amanda likes Mosie enough to think horsey rides are fun, not lame or ridiculous. 

 I took a smaller run on Sunday post-race to get my legs warmed up - and it really did help with soreness and stiffness.  My legs felt tight at the beginning but loosened up quickly and felt great the rest of the day.  I took off Monday and Tuesday as rest days - partly to give my legs rest and partly out of necessity with my work time in Marion.  Today I got nine in.  I didn't feel my best, but my legs were great.  It was wonderful to be out in the cool morning, with bright sun.  Perfectly fall.

And that's been the week so far - lazy football Sunday, work in Marion, stromboli, friends!

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  1. Hello, and thanks for commenting on my blog! I appreciate your positive words about my relationship with Nick. We've realized (a whole ago) it's good to listen and be responsive to one another's needs, SO important! He grew up with parents who loved one another, I didn't, sometimes it's difficult.
    HAve a great Friday!


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