Tuesday, November 24, 2009

random tuesday

Apparently today is Kroger's busiest day of the holiday season?  I learned this while checking out with my groceries... luckily I got through the line fairly fast.  I did feel bad for my cashier and bagger - they said it had been quite the day!

Backup.  Dave's artistic creation from Sunday night:
Banana stuffed with peanut butter and chocolate chips, covered with whipped cream and chocolate syrup, and decorated with more chips.  He told me he thinks this might rival what my gourmet chef cousin can create.

We don't have very strenuous Thanksgiving plans, which I'm grateful for.  I'm planning on making an apple pie, at Dave's request, and I'm pretty excited about it since it'll be my first pie ever.  That will be Thursday... and you know I'll post pictures (good or bad).

I finally won something!  A blog I follow had a giveaway and I won!  I'm really excited... even if I just won a bottle of bbq sauce (supposedly very good bbq sauce).

The Great Squash Experiment: everyone always talks about putting cinnamon and brown sugar on their squash.  This has always intrigued me... mostly because it doesn't sound good.  But I had half a kabocha squash leftover so I put it in the oven to roast and gave a forkful a try...
Crappy photo.  My apologies.  In any case, I thought this tasted just about as good as it looks.  The enjoyable part was the almond butter on the end of the fork.  The rest?  No thanks.

I fixed up the rest of the squash as so:
Oregano, basil, parmesan, salt.  Better.  Still not my most favorite thing, but okay.  I think I like squash better mixed in things and as oven fries than just straight up.  I'm off to scrounge up some more things to round out lunch.  Peas, perhaps?  Salad?  Banana with pb?


  1. i still am not a fan of squash as well. just keep trying it and maybe one day you will like it!

  2. my mom does the cinnamon/brown sugar squash thing - it might depend on what type of squash you're using?!
    she uses a summer squash and makes it like she would a sweet potato (with the sweet toppings...)
    don't know if that helps!


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