Monday, November 23, 2009

back to Monday

Had a fantastic weekend!  First this:
Clare Frances, precious chubby cheeks.

And this:
Busy Lizzie, taking a break from putting hats on stuffed animals and hanging by her ankles.

And then time with these beauties:

(Part of our hangout time is always devoted to mass picture-taking.)

We ate deliciously this weekend, too.  Teriyaki stir fry, Irish pub food, pumpkin scones, goat cheese/apple salad, squash and sweet potato fries, and Paula's wonderful peanut butter chocolate cake creation:
Amazing.  We also drank coffee, watched movies, went running, did some shopping, tried on bridesmaid dresses, and attempted the yoga crow pose (Rachel can... I cannot).

My roadtrip back to Goshen felt long, especially as it got dark so early.  I supplemented my drive with a DQ hot fudge sundae, two apples, and a lot of water.  Plus some phone talking and some book on CD.  Came home and chilled with Dave and Mosie, got ready for Marion, saw some football, and ate a delicious treat created by Dave (picture to come tomorrow!).

Anyone have some good tips on how to achieve the crow pose?


  1. this is the one i was trying to teach you at the hotel when johnny got married. i'd work on other poses to build your arm strength and hip flexibility first and then try this again. it's mostly mental, i think. it helps to keep your head up and focused on one spot. and then just tilt into it...

    says not to try it if you're pregnant, though

  3. rachel are you trying to tell us something that kim has not? (just teasing)

  4. Kim, I thought this was a good video. I don't even do yoga, and I could get into the position for a couple seconds!


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