Monday, December 21, 2009

Mosie and more

Since I got my present on Sunday (and oh man am I still excited about it!!!) it seemed only fair to let Dave open his, too. Here he is like a little boy on Christmas morning with his Aerolatte milk frother and Air Hogs remote control helicopter.

Yes, Mosie helps with dishes.  She also helps with email and computer work.

Today I got to pick up my new shirt by my friend Shannon!  She creates each of these by hand!  My colorful, happy shirt:

If you would like to order a shirt (she has tons of beautiful, cool designs) you can find her page on facebook: Shannon Lemasters Design.

I am so happy to be home for the week - and then some!  Just two more days of work... then vacation, Christmas, a getaway with Dave, family time, and more days off!  HOORAY!!!  I'm planning lots of time with friends, reading, and just relaxing!


  1. I got my hubby David a car starter last year and in KC man was that awesome over the winter!

    So funny that you've already done your presents, I never could stand to wait

  2. Such a cute shirt, Kim! Hope you have a great getaway with Dave and enjoy the holidays!


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