Sunday, December 20, 2009

preacher's wife

How To Be A Good Preacher's Wife

Make your husband fresh squeezed orange juice on Sunday morning. :)

Since the Colts don't play today, Dave and I are going to run errands this afternoon over in Mishawaka - making some returns, picking up a bridesmaid dress, and getting my Christmas present!!! Dave ordered me a remote car starter! I'll be able to start my car from inside the apartment! I'm especially excited for it on Monday mornings - going down to scrape my car pre-6am in frigid northern Indiana weather did not sound fun.

Got some time last night with friends while Dave and guys went to see Avatar. Amanda, Erin, Sandy, and I played speed scrabble and rummikub (love both those games!). Then Amanda and Erin and I got to pal around with baby Talia once she woke up from her marathon nap. So much fun!

Time for shower and oats! Happy Sunday!

For Rachel, as requested: vogueing in my new anniversary dinner dress!


  1. lovin it!
    whats dave say?!
    has he seen this yet?!?!
    totally what you were looking for :)

  2. i love the dress! hope you had fun day. thanks for the speed scrabble last night, wish i could have stayed longer! it was very cozy in your apartment. rob and i played speed scrabble today b/c being there put me in the mood for it. ;-)

    i love the gift idea, and so good since your car is far away from your apartment.

    have a good drive in your WARM car! :-)

  3. super cute dress, kim! love it.

  4. did you get a juicer just like mom's?

  5. Gorgeous, Kim! You are so beautiful!

  6. Speed Scrabble! FYI - there is an online version! Hurrah!

    Hope that helps :)


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