Monday, December 7, 2009

trip recap

We're back!!!

When you think Dallas/Texas you think warm, right?  It was as cold as Indiana!  But there was lots of sun, which made it much more pleasant.  The one day I just sat on this dock out in the middle of a lake and enjoyed the sun on my face and hot coffee in my hand.  It was wonderful.

Surprise!  I didn't have to toss the ratatouille at the airport!  Dave and I really enjoyed the veggies cold over some spring mix leaves.  I think we happened to get lucky with an easygoing security guard (they did look at them) and  the fact that I'm not a super threatening looking person with my tupperwares of veggies.

The weekend felt a lot like a family reunion.  It was so good to see people, to talk and catch up, to get to know others more, to meet new people, to hang out with friends from our church and friends in our church network.  Everyone is friendly and cheerful and loving.  I left feeling SO relaxed and energized.

Our flight back got delayed in Houston (they had to switch planes... AKA the other one broke).  We ended up getting back to Chicago about 9:45 and finally rolling in to Goshen at 2:30.  Dave and I slept til 9:30 this morning and have been enjoying a quiet morning - music, coffee, hot oats for me.  We're going out to lunch in a bit then watching Hairspray and reading and chilling for the afternoon.  I'm hoping to sneak a run or workout in this afternoon - either outside or at the gym.  It's currently really chilly AND snowy!  I also want to unpack and get ready for my daytrip to Marion tomorrow.

And spending time with this wild child:
We finally got in bed at 3am and I got up for a quick couple minutes of laser chase with Mosie... because she was being so pathetic, loud, and wild that I knew we wouldn't get to sleep otherwise!  She is still very needy and vocal this morning... but we kind of like knowing how much she missed us!

We kind of forgot to take pictures the whole weekend, save for this one:


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