Friday, January 1, 2010

'09 running review

I haven't kept track of my running for all of 2009, but I have a log of it from May 1.  The totals:

May: 69 miles
June: 76.5 miles
July: 140 miles
August: 152 miles
September: 175.5 miles
October: 186 miles
November: 154 miles
December: 105 miles
Total: 1058 miles

Naturally the goal for 2010 is to beat that. :)

Yesterday I used Christmas money to buy a subscription to Runner's World magazine.  I'm excited to get it at home and read it at leisure instead of going to the library and downing it in one sitting.

Happy New Year, all!  Here are a couple picture highlights of my favorite parts of 2009:

Honeymoon in Cancun.  They had a crazy new years party at our resort, complete with dancers in spandex hopping around as mermaids, and women in lingerie dancing to Pussycat Dolls' song Buttons.

New niece - Lydia Cate Bergdall!

Ran the Indy half marathon again - my 6th time!

Wonderful new friends, Amanda and Erin.

New addition to our family - the one cat to rule them all!

Spent time with these crazy kindergarteners...

Being back in the same city as Richele.  And another half marathon... and a new PR!  My first time going sub-2 hours.

Another new niece - Clare Frances Mack!

Time with these incredible women, my oldest friends.

My sisters and best friends.

One year with my bestest friend and love.


  1. the pic of us sisters made me cry =)

  2. You had a great running year, Kim! I am so horrible; I don't even keep track of my monthly mileage. Eek. Maybe that should be a goal of mine in 2010? :-)

  3. :) loving you. thanks for the uplifting recap!


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