Thursday, January 21, 2010

baby day!

Today Talia came for an extended day, as both of her parents are/were going out of town for business trips.

I got up stupidearly - 4:45AM (thank you thank you thank you, remote car starter) - in order to hit the gym before Talia arrived.  Got in a fast hills workout (oof), then hurried home to meet Talia!  Talia arrived by 5:55AM.  The day's accomplishments:

4 feedings
4 poops (...leading to 2 clothes changes)
reading time x2!
a little tummy time (Talia was not a fan)
3 naps (45 minutes, 2 1/2 hours, 1 3/4 hours!)
Mosie, too.

Last night's leftovers for lunch for me (delicious!):

Picture of the day: Dave came home at noon for a brief nap, as he's been fighting a cold and not feeling so well.  My three wards:
Love it.

And two more photobooth shots from the bridal expo..

We're staying in tonight.  Erin is getting back a earlier than expected so I'm going to make a Kroger run and get some chicken noodle for Dave.  Then probably a lot of Arrested Development and catching up on The Office!


  1. i lOVE the photo of dave and talia and mosie. that is classic. good eye kim. ;-p

    i have lots of kimblog to catch up on.


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