Wednesday, January 27, 2010


This morning I gave Dave a ride to the church on my way to the gym.  At one of the intersections I put on my blinker and looked to turn.  Dave asked me where I was going, since the church would be straight ahead.  At first I didn't know, and then I realized I was instinctually going to Kroger.  Apparently my bond with Kroger runs deep.  Kind of pathetic?

Sad news in the world of sports: Kentucky was ranked #1... but lost this week to the stupid South Carolina gamecocks.  While I'm disappointed they lost, I don't think it will really hurt them that much in standings, and it might be good to get the pressure and expectation off such a young team.  Plus, it'll give them something to fight for.  GO BLUE!

Oh, and brief toe update: it's feeling a little bit better?  I've been wearing my new running shoes this week to see if it helps.  So far it's gotten less sore, which is a good thing!

A fun/busy day ahead: going to help with the kindergarteners, finishing my book, cleaning the bathroom, making dinner (to be determined...), getting a haircut!  Woohoo!


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