Wednesday, February 3, 2010

NEW oats!

My love/addiction/obsession of oats is well-documented here.  Yesterday my new case of steel-cut oats arrived!  Ta-da!
I was so excited to try them this morning.  When I opened the top though, I was surprised.  They were smaller than I expected.  For some reason I was expecting them to be granola-chunk size or something.  I was also a little worried that the serving size was a 1/4c.  I currently eat 1c. old fashioned oats (2 servings) every morning.  I wasn't sure 1/2c. steel-cut would be enough!

Cooking... my witch's brew:
The container said it would take 30 minutes.  Mine were ready in about 20.  This made me extra happy, since I'm impatient and even more impatient when it comes to hunger and breakfast.

Into the bowl!
Thankfully 1/2c. steel-cut bulked up to my normal oatmeal portion size.  Yay!

With my favorite apple pie toppings: yogurt, applesauce, cinnamon:
I loved how the oats were just slightly chewy.  YUM.  I wolfed them down.
An empty oats bowl is a sad, sad thing.  The old-fashioned oats I have left are being relegated to cooking... or when I need a speedster breakfast.  Steel-cut oats are my new oat love, for sure.

On deck for today: shower, kindergarten classroom, Kroger, deciding and making dinner, reading time, and hanging out with Dave!  Happy Wednesday!


  1. I love that oats & Kroger are predominant words in this post. The apple pie topping sound great; do you can your own applesauce?

  2. I'm a little ignorant: what's the difference between steel cut and your regular oats?

  3. i agree - an empty oats bowl is very very sad!

  4. Kim -- As I type this I'm trying your oats rec with applesauce toppings; YUM! This could easily become a breakfast staple. Thanks for the tip!

  5. apple pie* toppings, that is. Mmmm!


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