Monday, March 1, 2010

decadence (a post of pictures!)

One word for our trip: decadent.

Leaving made for a sad Mosie.  She always gets very quiet and mopey when she sees us start packing.
We call this her "bread loaf" position.

We got maybe 15 minutes on the road when we stopped for some ice cream to split.  The beginning of decadence.
On the road (creative picture props go to Dave and the iphone.  Other pictures - especially those of poor quality - go to me).
At the hotel, showing off the room Barker's Beauties style.  See how spacious?
Michael Franti, rockin it out.

Heading out to walk to Marie Catribs for breakfast.
Along the walk we saw this hanging on a front porch of a house.  Disturbing.  If you have ideas on what to make of this, I'd love to hear them.
Coffee and hand-holding.
The people at Marie Catribs were crazy nice - everyone was really helpful and cheerful - we loved it!

Breakfast for Dave: eggs, sausage, and cheddar in a pastry puff, with a side of spiced potatoes.  I stole quite a few of the potatoes.  They were AMAZING.
My oats with homemade vanilla yogurt.  They weren't steelies, but the fruit and the yogurt definitely made up for it.  Yum!
We split a half order of French toast.  (Notice how the corner of the one piece is already missing?  I'm never patient about taking a picture before eating.)
We hated it, obviously.  
And then we got tempted by the display cases and bought a cookie.  My monster with the monster cookie (it was crazy good).
Sidenote: clearly this breakfast was delicious and filling - we ate at 9:30am and it's currently 3:30 and I am still not hungry!

We walked back to the hotel (about 30 minutes - it was beautiful and sunny!) and checked out, then drove over to Yesterdog, a Grand Rapids special locale that's been around since the 60s.  Dave got an "ultradog" without the onions.
The dog.
30 seconds later...
Sidenote: the service at Yesterdog totally sucked.  The workers acted like we were an inconvenience and nobody smiled.  

Now we are HOME and Dave is back to work and I'm puttering around, debating what to do next.  Perhaps a book or a walk in the sunshine?


  1. Kim, you look beautiful in that picture from Monday morning! Dave, good work on the ultra dog and good work posing next to the Detroit Tigers 2006 AL Championship pennant. We Detroit sports fans appreciate your support!

  2. looks like a fantastic birthday getaway!
    you're making me hungry...

  3. that barbie is freaky!!!! I love breakfasts that hold me over all day

  4. Stella makes that exact same face when I bring the suitcase out from the closet. Also...just thought you should know that my coworker Nicole and I both independently refer to our cats' sitting position, like the one you've pictured above, "cat loaf." And, sometimes when Stella flattens it out a little, its "cat ciabatta."


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