Wednesday, March 24, 2010

fishy fishy

Tonight we had fish - some tilapia filets I picked up for a good price at Kroger.  I dipped them in olive oil and lemon juice, then in cracker crumbs, bread crumbs, and italian seasonings, then put them on the skillet to cook.  We had broccoli and kidney beans to go along with!

I ran again today and am happy to report my foot is 100% better!!!  I did my long run today, to make up for missing it this past weekend.  Mid-run, I was debating stopping at 11.5 or going for the whole 14, but saw my brother in law, Mark, along the way and he encouraged me to go for it.  Thanks, Mark!  I was feeling lazy and maybe would have mentally allowed myself the 11.5!  Instead I got all 14 miles in!

Dave and I are having a reading night on the couch together.  I'm out of here!


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