Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Food, Inc.

Last night Dave and I watched the movie Food, Inc.  I liked the movie and thought it did a good job of presenting points and information without being pushy (ramming a perspective down your throat) or being critical for the sake of bringing down someone else.  Was the movie perfect?  No.  But  it seemed to be largely centered around information and presenting it, which I enjoyed.

That being said, it did make me think quite a bit.  Dave and I eat substantially more whole foods than processed, a more recent in-the-last-year trend for us.  We definitely still enjoy some processed, packaged stuff (reese's cups, for one), but have been trying to eat "cleaner."  We recycle and we'd love to have a garden someday (hopefully a big one).  I think the movie made me think more about companies and how to be more intentional in my choices of purchases.

I went to Kroger today and organic bananas were the same price as regular bananas, so I bought organic.  To be completely honest, I don't normally compare the prices of the two - I just assume the regular bananas will be cheaper than organic.  I love Arnold's Sandwich Thins, but instead of buying them, I got the Aunt Millie's version.  Aunt Millie's is in Fort Wayne, so (I would think) it's a more "local" purchase - in any case, less gas from Fort Wayne than from PA (where Sandwich Thins are from).  I bought organic spinach, which was more expensive (I think maybe 15cents to the ounce).  I also bought some things that weren't so organic or local - Dannon plain yogurt, cottage cheese, Kroger brand cheerios.  I guess after watching the movie I'm hoping to remain more intentional about my purchases - to use the co-op in town more often and the farmer's market as well.  To buy organic when I can and to continue to purse whole food eating.

Here's a great site our friend Amanda pointed out to us:  You can see how companies are "ranked" according to their activities (good or bad) within human rights, the environment, animal protection, community involvement, and social justice.  It covers a lot of different companies/products!

Does all this mean we're going 100% organic/local grown, highest ranked companies?  No!  We simply hope to grow and become more informed and intentional in our decisions/lifestyles/habits, etc.  After all, I did end up buying some of these, later realizing they were made by Kraft (which scored a nice fat F from BetterWorldShopper).

Have you seen Food, Inc.?  What did you think?

(I hope this post doesn't read like I'm on a soapbox.  Definitely was not my intention!  I just wanted to share my thoughts and learnings!  I apologize if I seemed pushy.)


  1. i just bought those marshmallows as well.....for school (yet the bag seems to have already opened itself)!

  2. Dan and I recently watched Food Inc., too. We came to basically the same conclusion as you. We've been trying to buy more organic (as long as it is within our budget) and research where the meat we are buying is from. We also have gone to the South Bend Farmer's Market, which has reasonable prices on a lot of produce. We've also been praying for a Trader Joe's to come our way... :o)

  3. So I just watched that movie, too! And I'm buying into a cow in Amish country that is locally raised (well--Ohio is good enough for me) and field/grass grazed, oats, etc. and NO CORN, hormones, etc.! :) And I'm determining to buy as much local produce from the farmer's markets this summer; next fall I'm going to join a co-op for the following spring/summer. I'm with you--I'll do what I can and probably won't be eating much meat outside of particular restaurants that I know serve high grade, etc. meat. And no soap box :) I do think the entire industry is crazy, and scary, and yucky . . .


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