Friday, March 19, 2010

little me

When I saw my mom this past weekend she gave me this old handbook that she found in a box.
Inside were tips on how to not get your kid snatched.  Maybe it was a workshop?  Or a class sponsored at the YMCA?  I'm not sure.

Inside was this:
I think that's my kindergarten picture?  I rocked that bowl haircut for a lot of years.  Also, please note where it asks for emergency contact I have none listed.  Thanks for claiming me, mom and dad.

On the back was this little form:
According to this, I wasn't shy but I wasn't outgoing, I was only mildly independent, and I was soft spoken.  Oh, how times have changed...  Although as a kid I was kind of dippy (often in my own world) and rather blindly subservient to my siblings.  I thought they were awesome.  (I still do.  I just don't follow them quite as ardently.)

Please note the form asks for the description of my bike.  Dave and I found this to be a somewhat random question, although I supposed they're looking to ID kid-snatchers.  However, "2 wheel red and white" seems kind of general.

In case you missed it, Kentucky won last night!  Easily.  Round 1 games continue today/tonight.  I bet you can guess what our date night will involve... (if you guessed ice cream and basketball you are the winner winner chicken dinner!)

Foot update: still bothering me, but not as much.  I'm taking a full rest day for it.  And applying icy/hot.  Fingers crossed?

Here's how I know it's going to be a good day.
Steelies + yogurt + strawberries + blueberries + wheat germ.  And coffee.  Don't you want to stick your face in that?


  1. kim~ mom gave me the same booklet as well. i got a kick out the the section describing my personality. i think mine said i was loud. lol. my bike was light blue. oh, how i miss my baby blue Schwinn bike! *jill*

  2. i got the same book! i was dubbed shy and soft spoken. and i had a pink bike with a banana seat. they didn't acknowledge the flowers on the seat, which is a serious oversight.
    i remember going to the masonic temple for this and really not understanding why we were being fingerprinted and profiled. odd how something that's supposed to keep us "safer" made the kids feel creeped out.


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