Wednesday, April 7, 2010

married again!

Awhile ago I took my ring back to the jewelers to get the silver re-plated (or re-dipped or whatever it's called).  The bottom of my ring, close to my palm, was starting to get a little dull/yellow, and since it was free with the warranty of the ring, I wanted to get it redone.  Unfortunately, they took my ring for two weeks.  Unnecessary.  Last night I was finally able to pick it up and it looks so shiny and new!  I made Dave re-propose, but this time there wasn't a song and a rooftop and candles and ice cream.  Too bad.  Especially about that ice cream.
Good news!  My foot didn't hurt at all on my run this morning!!  I was so excited!  I think the new shoes are helping, as is the swimming and the rest time.  I'm also making an effort to run more toward the middle of the road.  I think part of my issue is the gutter-slope.  Since I run on the left side of the road frequently, I'm (even slightly) tipped more toward the left as the road slopes.  Which would land me harder on the left outside part of my foot... right where I'm having issues.  I'm thinking in the future I will alternate running on either the left or the right side of the road, so that neither side gets beat down.  I'm also changing my route slightly to take some back roads where I can run right in the middle.

A pain-free foot and a haircut this afternoon - could this day get any better????

Here's a little secret: I'm cutting my hair to this!
Ginnifer Goodwin
Fingers crossed!


  1. short like mine! hope you like it!

  2. Post a picture when you come back...things I would do if I had time...

    cut my hair
    go to the eye doctor
    go to the dentist


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