Wednesday, April 7, 2010

new hummus, new hair!

My friend Amanda brought me some edamame hummus the other day and I was super excited to try it!
Deeeeelicious!  Probably my new favorite hummus... conveniently only offered at Trader Joe's in Chicago (that I know of).  Thanks, Amanda!!  (Also, does my carrot look like a creepy finger there, or is that just me?)

I also ate this easter chocolate "bunny"... which my cousin and I decided looks a lot more like a hamster.  Agree?
Then I took some paparazzi shots of Mosie.
I caught her mid-bath, tongue out and all!
I felt like a booger taking solo pictures of myself to show my hair, so I made Dave get in the shots with me.  He took the assignment really seriously.
And then he started tickling me.
Tonight is leftover quinoa salad (that recipe makes 10 cups... so half it if you don't want to be eating it everyday) and salmon... maybe with italian herbs?


  1. I want to see the back!!! But it's so cute!!!

    And it totally looks like a hamster.

  2. Kim, your haircut is beautiful! Instant way to feel like spring is here & to show off cute earrings!

  3. i agree with rachel, i would like to see the back please! do you like it?

  4. Thanks to you, I had a dream last night that I bit off someone's finger and it snapped like a carrot (no, I'm serious...strange).
    :) Cute hair!!!

  5. Yum! Edamame hummus! I will have to look for it at TJ.

    I love the tongue shot of Mosie! :)


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