Sunday, April 18, 2010

wedding weekend

Our weekend travels started Thursday when we went to Kokomo to see some family.  Along the way Dave got pulled over.  Bummer.
Luckily it was just a warning.

Friday morning I went for my long run.  It was long.  Definitely not one of my happiest running days, but I got the miles out, although my pace was slower and I took more walking breaks than I generally like.

We got to Ohio about 1pm and Dave went to the library to do some work while I hung out with friends.  Then Friday night was the rehearsal and an incredibly delicious (and filling) Italian dinner at a local restaurant.  It was awesome.  If you're near Cedar Point, hit up Danny Boy's!  The portions are huge!!  (I highly recommend the pesto pasta!)

Saturday morning was easy and laid back - Rachel made us Dave heart shaped scones.
They were delicious, of course.

Then we got ready for the wedding, took pictures, and hung out with the gorgeous bride.  The four of us have been best friends for over ten years!!
With the wonderful men we've added to the group.
It was a beautiful wedding with a most beautiful bride!  And gorgeous flowers.
Then this morning Dave and I took Grandma out for breakfast at Cracker Barrel before heading back to Indiana.
Grandma just celebrated her 85th birthday last week, 2 days after me!

Dave and I went running this past afternoon, then met up with this siblings for ice cream to celebrate my birthday.  Now we're home, with an evening of leisure ahead of us - a haircut for Dave, getting ready for Marion, and time to hang out and enjoy just being home.  Mosie is certainly happy to have our little apartment full again!

It's good to be home!  Did you have good weekends?


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